Saturday, May 26th 6:30-8:30pm

Spend the evening on a moonlit hike at Cronan Ranch. Come enjoy a 3-5 mile walk through the Long Valley and along the Western Ridge trails on a nearly full moon. Amy Brinkley will lead this moderate-level hike, with some challenging elevation change. Fit 10-year-olds+ welcome.

Contact ARC to sign up and for meeting location (Pilot Hill area). Suggested donation: $5/members, $10/non-members. or 530-621-1224.

Saturday, April 21st 6:30-8:30pm

Wildlife Biologist Heather Johnson will share frog, bird, and bat observations in the diverse open space habitats.  After watching and listening near the park we’ll stroll along the paved path, and end at a wetland in the dark listening to foraging bats on ultrasonic detectors. 10+ welcome.

Contact ARC for meeting location (Philip Cohn Park, Folsom) and to sign up.

Suggested Donation: $5/each or $10/family. or 530-621-1224.

Friday, April 6th 7-9:30pm

At sunset, when darkness falls, we usually go inside, turn on the lights, and engage in our nightly activities.  Outside, however, nocturnal creatures awaken from their daytime slumber and begin their nightly activities.  David Rosen, wildlife photographer, will help you explore the night and discover what critters are going about their business in the darkness.  On this 1-2 mile walk, we will discuss what types of nocturnal critters live in the area and learn about their amazing adaptations, try some predator calling (making sounds that may attract foxes, coyotes, etc.), listen for owls and try to get them to respond to recorded calls, practice moving stealthily through the night, and talk about all the cool things we find along the way. Rain cancels.

Responsible 9-year-olds+ welcome. Contact ARC to sign up and for meeting location (Coloma area).

Suggested donation: $5/each or $10/family. or 530-621-1224.