Restoring the Wakamatsu Colony Farm


Ongoing restoration activities at the Farm aim to restore riparian, oak woodland and wetland habitat while engaging citizens and partners in creating an economically vibrant community and a biologically diverse landscape. Our efforts will enhance the biodiversity and function of important wildlife habitat, support organic farming practices and involve the community in land management and resource stewardship. Restoration activities also improve water storage capacity, nutrient cycling functions, water quality and biological diversity of the natural areas of the South Fork American River Watershed, and by extension, the American River Watershed and lower Sacramento River Basin.

Elena DeLacy, ARC's Conservation and Stewardship Project Manager,provides regular updates on habitat restoration projects at the Farm.

Specific restoration activities include the restoration of seasonal wetlands, pond habitat and riparian zones, installation and maintenance of hedgerows, and three years of prescribed burns and grazing rotations on the landscape to manage non-native invasive species. Indigenous management techniques will be a focus for oak woodland and wetland habitat enhancement and restoration. The American River Conservancy is currently working with the Sierra Native Alliance, Cosumnes Culture and Waterways and the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok to establish and manage traditional plant gathering areas at the Wakamatsu Community Farm that incorporate traditional ecological methods and management techniques. Working in partnership with the local 4-H Program to offer experiential, standards-based lessons, we will integrate habitat restoration techniques with agricultural management practices. The American River Conservancy will continue to develop infrastructure and restore historic buildings that promote our vision for the Wakamatsu Colony Farm. We need your help to make this happen. We have many opportunities for volunteers and the general public to get involved. Donate to the project today! 

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