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About Us

For more than 25 years, the American River Conservancy (ARC) has been preserving rivers and land for life. As a non-profit community organization in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, we work to preserve natural areas and cultural resources and build an enduring ethic of care, building a sustainable future for humans in harmony with nature.

We purchase or accept land and conservation easements from willing landowners and actively partner with governmental agencies, private donors, and foundations to acquire funding and to transfer these lands into the public domain.

We build an enduring ethic of care by providing environmental education and outdoor recreation for adults and children alike, and by promoting habitat restoration, trail building, and maintenance projects with volunteers.

What We Do

The American River Conservancy serves our communities by ensuring healthy ecosystems within the Upper American and Upper Cosumnes River watersheds through land conservation, stewardship and education.   

Our uniquely integrated approach
• Conserves the land forever
• Promotes education and recreational outings for young and old alike on these lands
• Builds a volunteer base to maintain the land and trails and restore habitat for a healthy future

Where We Work


The American River Conservancy is headquartered at the historic Kane House in Marshall Gold Discovery Park, in Coloma, California.

The Nature Center is conveniently located next to the South Fork of the American River and a brief stroll away from where the Gold Rush began and where over 400,000 visitors and more than 70,000 school children visit annually. 

We focus on the Upper American River and Upper Cosumnes River watersheds.  Ranging in elevation from a few hundred feet to over 10,000 feet, the American and Cosumnes River watersheds encompass a wide diversity of habitats.  

The proximity to two major metropolitan areas, Sacramento and San Francisco, allows us to bring nature and experiential environmental education to children growing up in urban and suburban environments that might otherwise never experience the natural outdoors. 

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